Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Review of Salomon Dialogue Snowboard Boots


Salomon Dialogue snowboard boots speak to your feet, providing an excellent balance of comfort and support for freestyle-oriented riders.

nice comfortable and solid boot

Ed Chi palo alto, ca 4/29/2009


4 5

Gift: No

Sizing: Feels true to size

Width: Feels true to width

Pros: Good Traction, Quality Construction, Warm, Comfortable, Easy Lacing System

Best Uses: All Mountain

Describe Yourself: Advanced

I board about 10-15 days a year, and have finally wore out my Salomon Malamute (4 years old). Had another brand before the Salomon, and didn't like it, so stuck with Salomon this time. This boot compares very favorably to the Malamute, which was an amazing boot. Both boots are very comfortable, and have a great lacing system.

On sizing: The Malamute feels like it's sized a bit bigger (I think I have the 27, which is sized 9 US), while the F24 I also own is smaller (27, sized 9, but feels like 8.5). So this time, I bought a 9.5 US sized, and it fits almost perfectly. A bit thicker in the lining, and took one day on it so far, and the sizing have already improved.

Overall, this is a good boot, and I see they have improved the inner lace, which now have plastic hooks instead of the nylon loops that eventually wore out in my Malamute. The cable stays are also a welcome addition, keeping the boot lacing system more stable (this was also available on the F24 I own).


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

smiles in yearbooks predict marriage success later?

This is an interesting story, even though we don't know whether correlation here means causation:

"If you want to know whether your marriage will survive, look at your spouse's yearbook photos.
Psychologists have found that how much people smile in old photographs can predict their later success in marriage."

Just got back from Boston....

I hadn't spend some long-periods of time in Boston for a long time. While I went to MIT to give a talk in Janurary, it was snowing and beautiful, this time the weather was somewhat classic New England, some beautiful days that turned into rain and wind in short amounts of time.

I enjoyed some time walking around Boston Commons, Freedom Trail, and some time in Beacon Hill, Newberry St, and North End. Absolutely beautiful neighborhoods, and I could see how people would come to love living in Boston. Some places feel quite like visiting a European city, and other places are distinctly American. The food was good, and I think several Lobsters died because of my greed to incorporate them onto my plate.

My group, Augmented Social Cognition, ended up presenting 8 papers at CHI2009, the conference that brought me to Boston. The group ended up celebrating our accomplishments by some beers near the convention center. It's such a pleasure to work with a dedicated group of folks, though I'm consistently thinking about ways we can improve our research. For now, however, I feel like I need some breaks and vacation before I burn out.