Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mac vs. PC people

"Mac vs PC People: Personality Traits & Aesthetic/Media Choices"

http://blog.hunch.com/?p=10124 -- includes links to full report, which drew on aggregated data from 76,000 PC and Mac users that asked about aesthetic preferences, media choices, and personality traits

Their executive summary:

* Mac People are more likely to see the existing world in a light of “sameness” and thus express a need to be perceived as different and unique. PC People are more likely to see the world as “different enough already” and appreciate “being in tune with those around them.”

* Media choices and preferences vary greatly between the two groups, with Mac People trending toward more independent films, specialized comedians and design-centric magazines, and PC People trending toward more mainstream alternatives as well as sports.

* From a personality perspective, Mac People are more likely to describe themselves as “verbal”, “conceptual”, and “risk takers”, with PC People countering that they are “numbers oriented”, “factual” and “steady, hard workers”.

Fast Company points out that most of these differences can be attributed to the different computer manufacturers' marketing strategies.

And of course the whole report should be taken with a grain of salt.